Womb Chair Ottoman - Repro Furniture

Womb Chair Ottoman

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A charming addition to any interior, this ottoman implores you to enjoy the cozier side of modern design. This ottoman truly sets the gold standard for comfort.


The ottoman is comfortable as it is eye-catching, making for the perfect focal point in any space, with all of the classic traits of organic functionality.


A substantial piece of furniture with solid construction, attention to detail, and clean lines, this ottoman sacrifices nothing at the expense of purpose or comfort.


Eero SaarinenDesigned by Eero Saarinen
FINLAND (February 11, 1902 - March 24, 1971) “The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man’s life on earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence,” said Eero Saarinen in 1959. Saarinen’s architectural legacy communicates this sentiment of giddy potential and unfettered optimism in post-war America. As his career flourished, he was criticized for changing his style depending on his client’s needs and desires. The architect, however, saw his clients as “co-creators” and was dedicated to pushing the established boundaries of modernism, what he called the ”measly ABC.”

Size: H44 x W64 x D54.5
Materials: Reinforce fiberglass inside, Stainless steel
7.5 kg
Colours: Refer this swatches for choices
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley

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Womb Chair Ottoman - Repro Furniture
Womb Chair Ottoman - Repro Furniture
Womb Chair Ottoman - Repro Furniture