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Wasily Chair

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Inspired by the frame of a bicycle and influenced by the constructivist theories of the De Stjil movement, Breuer reduced the form of the classic club chair to its elemental lines and planes.


The first ever chair to feature a bent-steel frame; it marked the beginning of a new era in modern furniture with a design that maintains a progressive look even today.


Its build is complex in appearance but simple in construction, a contrast which has earned its place in museums throughout the world, and in thousands of modern-minded homes.


Marcel BreuerDesigned by Marcel Breuer

HUNGARY (May 21, 1902 - July 1, 1981) Sparked by bicycle handlebars, Marcel Breuer’s tubular steel chairs were a daring departure from traditional wood furniture. “Mass production,” Breuer said, “made me interested in polished metal, in shiny and impeccable lines in space, as new components of our interiors. I considered such polished and curved lines not only symbolic of our modern technology but actually to be technology.”

Size: H66 x W78.5 x D75 cm
Seating Height: 44.5 cm
Materials: Stainless steel with recycle straps, Stainless steel, Pony leather
Weight: 10 kg
Colours: Refer this swatches for choices
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley


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Wasily Chair - Repro Furniture
Wasily Chair - Repro Furniture
Wasily Chair - Repro Furniture
Wasily Chair - Repro Furniture