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Tape 3 Seater Replica

RM10,800 –RM11,800

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Size: H74 x W231 x D80 cm
Materials: Gold plated stainless steel base, Foam, Italian Leather/Imported Fabric
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley

Material: Italian Aniline Leather/Imported Fabric

  • Italian Aniline Leather/Imported Fabric
  • Waxy Leather/Imported Fabric
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Our Tape Sofa 3 seater replica is an homage to Nendo's work of art, with no association with the original producers.

Signed by the eclectic Japanese studio Nendo, directed by Oki Sato, Tape Armchair is a seat with a light silhouette, but a strong personality.

With their distinctive, ironic approach, Nendo overturns the traditional idea of the feet coming out of the body of the seat, placing them externally to the structure. Tape owes its name to its couture detail, conceived as a piece of ribbon that holds the Bronze-colored metal feet—Nendo’s tribute to the sartorial experience of Minotti.

The soft curve of the shell, which accommodates the soft back cushion, highlights the pure and enveloping line of the armchair.

Customizable in a wide range of leather and fabric coverings, it presents two possible sets of pairings. In one version, the fabric covers the back and the seat cushion, while the shell and the tape detail are in leather of the same color; in the other, the textile envelops the back, the seat cushion, and the entire shell, while the tape detail is in Bronze-colored saddle-hide.


This product was originally designed by Nendo
Nendo is a Japanese design firm founded in 2002 by Oki Sato, that works on design projects globally. The first office was situated in Tokyo. In 2005, the second office was established in Milan. The company works with numerous brands and have won multiple awards over the course of 17 years of establishment. Nendo is known for its simple and minimalist design with subtle influences from Japanese, and Scandinavian aesthetics.[citation needed] Currently the positions for CEO, COO and CFO are occupied by Sato Oki, Ito Akihiro, and Hama Takaaki, respectively.

Our replica of this product is a tribute to him.

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