Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture

Coconut Chair

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If the idea of sitting in a coconut slice makes your back tense up, sit in this one. With its shallow sides and inviting curves, the chair is designed to let you sit in any position, move, and relax with surprising ease.


The upholstery is reinforced with fiberglass inside which is lightweight but sturdy. It sits atop a clean, stainless steel, three-legged base.


Because of its unique, striking design, the Coconut chair is part of the permanent collection in museums worldwide. Because of the comfort Nelson provided in his design, it's also part of the "permanent collection" in homes and offices.


George NelsonDesigned by George Nelson 
USA (May 29, 1908 – March 5, 1986) Possessing one of the most inventive minds of the 20th century, George Nelson was one of those rare people who can envision what isn’t there yet. Nelson described his creative abilities as a series of “zaps” – flashes of inspiration and clarity that he turned into innovative design ideas. Nelson felt that designers must be “aware of the consequences of their actions on people and society and thus cultivate a broad base of knowledge and understanding.” He was an early environmentalist, one of the first designers to take an interest in new communications technology and a powerful writer and teacher.


Size: H86 x W106 x D79 cm
Seat Height: 38 cm
Materials: Reinforce fiberglass, Stainless steel, Aniline Italian Leather
Weight: 14.5 kg
Colours: Refer this swatches for choices
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley 

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Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture
Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture
Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture
Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture
Coconut Chair - Repro Furniture