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Bibendum Chair

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The Bibendum chair spoke the modern design language fluently: it was a fresh interpretation of the machine aesthetics advocated by Le Corbusier, and it embodied geometric purity.

Gray’s piece displayed an original and feminine take on the geometries and proportions prevalent at the time. The three tire-like rolls that made this chair visually bold and enticing were comparable only to the proportions and silhouette of the Michelin man.

The Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair makes a brilliant addition to any home, offering both recognized style and true comfort.


Eileen GrayDesigned by Eileen Gray

IRELAND (August 9, 1878 - October 31, 1976) Elegant, intelligent and independent. Eileen Gray's nonconformist and brilliant mind led her to a uniquely creative life at the turn of the century in Paris. Born to an aristocratic family in Ireland, she first studied at the Slade School for Fine Arts in London and then settled in Paris in 1907 where she began a career that spanned seven decades. Gray created unique furniture, "suited to our existence, in proportion to our rooms and in accordance with our aspirations and feelings."

Size: H72.5 x W93 x D80 cm
Seating Height: 40.5 cm
Materials: Solid wood inside, Stainless steel, High density foam, Aniline Italian Leather
Weight: 24.5 kg
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley

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Bibendum Chair - Repro Furniture
Bibendum Chair - Repro Furniture
Bibendum Chair - Repro Furniture
Bibendum Chair - Repro Furniture
Bibendum Chair - Repro Furniture