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PH 3/2 Table Lamp Replica

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Size: H48 x W29 CM
Materials: High-luster painted metal or chrome-plated brass frame; hand-blown white opal glass shades.
Colours: Chrome body only 
Order Period: 2 months
Delivery price: Free delivery & installation within Klang Valley

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Our PH 3/2 Table Lamp replica is an homage to Poul Henningsen's work of art, with no association with the original producers.

Poul Henningsen designed the three-shade system during 1925/1926. The first lights using the system were designed for an exhibition in Paris. Designed by Poul Henningsen in the mid 1920's using the logarithmic spiral as a template , the eventual move from metal to glass shades resulting in an evenness and expansiveness of the light distribution. The numbering series references shade size combinations , with the descending schematic affording the opportunity to hang at lower heights.

The PH 3/2 Glass Table lamp provides a soft illumination,The PH fixtures were designed as a rational lighting system 。 is based on the principle of a reflecting multi-shade system, creating a harmonious and glare free illumination. The shades are drawn over a logarithmic spiral, with the center of the light source placed in the spiral's focal point.


This product was originally designed by Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen’s PH 3/2 Table Lamp (1927) is a member of the PH 3-shade family, a series of light fixtures designed by Henningsen to produce glare-free and economically distributed light. The three glass shades of the PH 3/2 Table Lamp are arranged in a relationship of 3:2:1, drawing their reflections over a logarithmic spiral, which places the light source directly in the spiral’s focal point. Allowing most of the light to reflect outward and downward from the matte undersides, the glass shades enable 12% of the light to penetrate and contribute to the overall room lighting. The result is a soft, evenly distributed glare-free glow. Bulb (not included): 60W/120V/G16.5. Made in Denmark by Louis Poulsen.

Our replica of this product is a tribute to him.

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